Commence on a transformative summer journey with our immersive STEM program designed for high school students. Gain comprehensive knowledge across diverse STEM disciplines, showcase your skills through hands-on design projects, and participate in engaging lessons. This program serves as your gateway to real-world application, emphasizing methodological mastery and collaborative learning. Seize the chance to shape your future in STEM as you bring your creative ideas to life, foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Successful completion of program objectives will be rewarded with a stipend, recognizing the hard work and dedication invested in your projects. Exceptional participants will seamlessly transition into our Internship Program, gaining invaluable experience for future endeavors.

Lunch will not be provided.  Please bring in lunch, or with your parent's permission, you can grab lunch from somewhere in the area.

Students going into 9th - 12th Grade in Fall 2024

Maydm never wants finances to be a barrier to participating in these programs. For that reason, we ask families to consider how much they can contribute towards the program’s value. (Prices will display in full on checkout; use codes below to contribute what you can)

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Maydm is offering scholarships as well - use code Scholarship