Want to Excel in STEM and Do Well in School? We Can Help!

After-hours learning support for middle and high school students is now available at Maydm!

Are you a middle or high school student interested in further developing your science, technology, engineering, or math skills?  Can you use some help with a STEM-related school project or class?

If the answer is yes, we, the Maydm team, invite you to come to our space on Mondays from 3:00 - 5:30 p.m. to:

  • Get personalized homework help in science, math, or technology topics. Subjects include middle and high school math (including calculus), non-AP physics, non-AP chemistry, biology, and IT game design
  • Explore and expand your knowledge in your STEM-related areas of interest 
  • Develop your content creator skills in our media lab space, and master the art of creating:
  • Audio podcasts
  • Vlogging and streaming content 
  • Learn more about our fun programs and how they are helping hundreds of girls and students of color develop pathways to exciting and lucrative careers in STEM!

Our facilities are located at: 203 S Paterson St Suite 400 Madison, WI 53703

This is a safe environment with free access to our equipment and internet. There will also be snacks available for students as they work!