Discover the thrilling world of game creation in our Video Game Development summer program designed for 6th to 12th-grade students. With two specialized tracks—code and art—participants can hone in on their interests, choosing between beginner and intermediate levels for a personalized learning experience. Have you taken Video Game Development in previous years? Join us again! There's always something more to learn. This year, we'll be learning more about 3D animation in gaming.

Both tracks offer crossover opportunities, fostering a dynamic and well-rounded learning journey. The program begins with an introductory week for all students, laying the groundwork for an exciting and creative summer of designing and developing video games. Join us for an immersive experience where innovation knows no bounds, and every student has the chance to bring their game ideas to life!

Students going into 6th - 12th grade in Fall 2024

Maydm never wants finances to be a barrier to participating in these programs. For that reason, we ask families to consider how much they can contribute towards the program’s value. (Prices will display in full on checkout; use codes below to contribute what you can)

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