Why Maydm

I know firsthand how important it is for youth to have opportunities for interesting, challenging, and inclusive experiences in the STEM fields. The world of STEM is a place for all students to grow their creativity, problem-solving skills, and resiliency. I love that I get the opportunity to provide youth with programs that help them to explore their potential.


As a lifelong Madisonian, Johanna is invested in working to make positive change in her community. While completing her BS in Molecular Biology at UW Madison, she realized her passion for science included a passion for helping others to learn and be excited about STEM as well! Over the past 10 years, she has worked for BadgerBots and with UW Madison to develop and provide a variety of STEM educational programs for youth. She loves that she gets to learn about new technologies, teach and adapt them to her students, and then watch students grow to master their new skills.


Email: Johanna.Taylor@maydm.org